The 90s ARE All That!

Saturday, August 04, 2012

The 90s Are All That

Well it´s like 3 AM in the US and if you live here, own a T.V (and grew up in the 90s) then you might remember Nickelodeon back in the day. Television these days can't compare. SO, many of us were very excited that after A LOT of talk and insisting, the cartoons from 90s Nick were actually brought back (well, in small doses). (It's simply amazing what the young adults of our generation have the power to do when they put their minds to it, imagine if we put that kind of energy towards a can drive or providing the world with clean water, but anyway...) The shows come on from 12 AM to about 4 AM and since I was up, I was suddenly struck with the idea to do a 90s inspired look with a bit of a modern spin and a bit of my own style. I love how the Jeffery Campbells tie the look together and the t-shirt is not vintage, but the fading makes it appear so, which definitely works in an old school look like this. I also love that the overalls can work (or you can substitute a pair of denim or leather shorts) and it still doesn't look too childish. The hat is very on trend with the baseball cap trend and it is a nice pop of color (Kelly green! My favorite type of green). Growing up in Brooklyn, I am ALL too familiar with the fitted cap, gold chain, and a pair of high top sneakers; so it is a bit of a throw back to my hometown as well. But fear not, I will definitely be styling my own personal 90s look one of these days, and it will featured here! Before I go, I just want to add that I am VERY excited about the US medal count right now in the Olympics! Who else is inspired to start trampoline? I know I am! I do believe I need to sleep now... Good night, Good morning, Good afternoon world! 


  1. totally awesome post! recognize all this from when we were little :)


    1. Definitely some of the best shows ever! :]

  2. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. I love the chain necklace! :)

    - Victoria

  4. this brings back so many memories :D


  5. Chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

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