Ode To The Oxford Shirt

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Plaid button down - American Rag (Similar), T-shirt - Formerly brother's (Similar), Shorts - Vigoss (Similar), Boots - eBay (Dirty Laundry), Cross necklace - Diy (Similar)
Sheer Button Down - American Apparel, Shorts - Vigoss (Similar), Wedges - Sears (Similar),  Cross necklace - Diy (Similar)
Denim Button Down - eBay (Similar), T-shirt - Macy's (Similar), Denim shorts - (Similar), Sneakers - Punkrose (Similar), Cross necklace - Diy (Similar), Cross Ring - eBay

Denim Button Down - eBay (Similar), Leggings - Forever 21 (Similar),  Boots - eBay (Dirty Laundry), Ear Cuff - Regal Rose

Sheer Button Down - eBay (Similar), Shorts - Topshop via eBay (Similar),  Wedges - Sears (Similar), Cross necklace - Diy (Similar)

Hey all! If you're like me you might understand the versatility/necessity of the button down. Maybe you also have a special section for them in your closet and are OCD enough to have color coordinated them. Well, I don't know why, but something about being awake at 2 AM made me want to post about my love of a good collared shirt. I am a little obsessed with over-sized button downs. And I have gotten really into ones that are sheer, like the American Apparel chiffon shirt. I will admit I am NOT at all a fan of anything that says one size fits all or only comes in one size. Usually one size does not fit all and you are left with a tight shirt or dress you couldn't be bothered to return so it sits around collecting dust until you decide to make it into a headband or give it to your younger sibling (true story). But, the AA shirt actually fit with a lot of room to spare and has a nice over-sized look; it could even pass for high-low hem when tucked into some shorts. I have got to say that I am in love with it, but it is over-priced; I had to make myself bite the bullet and finally buy it one day. Anyway, I have always loved the button down and I think having different types, shapes, and shades allows them to make any look edgier or more special. They can instantly make an outfit look more put together or more casual, depending on how you wear them. They can go with just about anything. Some of my favorite ways to wear them are tucked into shorts with the tail hanging out (this works especially if you wear short shorts) or tucked into skinny jeans or worn loose, under a vest of course, over a dress and open like a jacket. I love that now they are coming in so many different styles, like with cut-out shoulders, which I love, back cut outs, patterns, studs, peter pan collars, cut outs with exposed collars, with lace or sheer panels,  etc. But what I love most of all about the button down is figuring how to wear them in different, new ways. What do you love or hate about button downs? What was your best oxford moment? Comment below and let me know :] Kelly Out!


  1. Great post, love the first pic and your collection of tights x


  2. love this post! great outfits, i am completely obsessed with shirts!


  3. I love them too! especially the long ones that can be worn with jeggings, I have like 6!
    Thanks for your comment :) following you now !