Son Of A Beach

Monday, August 06, 2012

Goodness that sand was hot!

Yeah, I decided not to swim... But the waves were awesome AND we saw two horseshoe crabs mating right near the water! Of course Christina refused to take a picture of it... I can't imagine why...

High-low Button down tank - Forever21, Romper - Forever21 via eBay (Similar), Wedges - A.n.a (Similar),  Cross necklace - Diy (Similar)
Howdy! I actually went to the beach today, one of the handful of times that I have gone during the summer. I was too lazy to bring a suit, but I really wanted to test drive my new romper. It had been on the forever21 website for a while and I was a little iffy about buying it, but I did want it. Then it was sold out, then it was back in stock, then it was marked down, then it was sold out, then it was back in stock retail price, and now it's sold out again. But...I found it on eBay for cheaper than the mark down price (minus shipping). So, I figured why not? I wasn't sure how it would look or if I could pull it off because I read a few reviews on the website that were...less than satisfactory. But it came perfectly new and a little darker than in the picture, but still nice. I didn't realize the straps were adjustable until today, so I was pretty happy about that too. The day I got this item in the mail, I went crazy and styled in about eight or more different ways. (I should have posted those... But, I think I might do a how I style a romper post.) I really adore this piece, I am going to work my onesie through fall! I really wanted a light, breezy outfit for the beach that was simple without compromising style. So I used a button down as a vest and paired it with my hat and my usual cross necklace that I think just goes with everything. And I thought it would work for street wear too which came in handy because the weatherman (well my iPod) said it would rain today and it did. But, I didn't care too much because the mall was nice and dry! And I of course HAD to go to Forever21 and H&M. There was an awesome maxi skirt, crocheted sweater and a necklace at F21 that had my name on it and they looked pretty good. H&M was a little disappointing, well the women's section anyway. I decided to be a little dangerous and check out the men's section because one of my favorite bloggers, Karen Blanchard of Wheredidyougetthat raved about it one time and I had to check it out. Oh. My. Goodness. I felt strangely odd and guilty poking around the men's section and there were guys there shopping, but I just told myself: you are shopping for your 'little brother', you aren't doing anything wrong. And it worked. I tried on a sort of denim or chambray type button down (of course) and a gray v neck sweater. They looked awesome! The shirt could have passed for a mini shirt-dress and the v-neck looked like a chic sweater dress or an over-sized shirt. Quite sad that the men's clothes looked better on me than some of the women's, but a little funny. But, I guess I know where I am shopping from now on! Peace! :]


  1. Nice romper!

  2. Beautiful photos. I´m so jealous wish I were at the beach.
    My advise don´t forget to check the junior department as well.
    I bought a few cool things there myself and it´s cheaper too :D


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  4. Great post !

    3 words LOVE YOUR STYLE :)

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  5. beautiful pics!

  6. Love the photo's especially the black & white one of you!
    Would love you to check out my latest post :)
    Happy Monday Hun xoxo

  7. Nice blog dear.
    Feel free to enter the giveaway on my blog!

  8. i wanna be at beach, too!!

    kisses from the mountains :)


  9. Very nice blog dear:x you look so chic

  10. I want to go back to the beach right now :c
    I love this hat, I want the same !! Great photos, you have a nice blog girl

    Bisous from France

  11. Fierce pictures. Love the hair x

  12. Amazing inspirations, you're really cool :)


  13. great photos! im your new fallower!

  14. aww am well jealous :( you look dope love your hat <3 x

  15. you look super cool. so chic! im jealous of the becah weather!


  16. Well, you have a nice name for this article: son of beach...that's really funny!