It's Not Easy Being Green

Friday, August 24, 2012

Hooded T-shirt Tunic - JcPenny (Similar), Leggings (Blackmilk), Slingback wedges - Deena and Ozzy (Similar)

Heyo! <3 Those are the pictures from the photoshoot a couple of days ago :] I had finally decided to break in my newest leggings. I mean as some of you may know, I kind of have a leggings addiction and I love green, and the two combined is just heavenly! But anyway, this photoshoot was after me and Christina went to the vintage shop and the mall. I thought doing ALL those pictures together would be a bit of an overload. And I don't have to tell anyone about the mall who saw my last post, it was clear what I spent my time doing when I was there. I was all: sweet, the dressing room, a place where I can take Instagram photos and people won't think I'm weird! With this outfit, I really wanted to let the leggings shine (they literally shine in the sunlight, it's pretty awesome) since they are quite bold, so I paired it with a simple and casual hoodie (of some sorts) in a neutral color. I saw this hoodie last year and I wasn't too crazy about it on the rack, but then I put it on and I was like, yeah this will work :] And I just paired it with my usual sort of jewelry, but I did want to try something a little different with my rings. I think it's not too bad since I had like nothing to wear. So, I am going back to the dorm in like a day and I can barely believe it, there's SO much to do! (I am hoping to fit in a haul post before then.) I plan to blog all the time and I can't wait to show you guys how I design my dorm this year! I have had a theme in my mind for months! I think I haven't seen a dorm like it and I can't wait to see if I can pull it off :] Oh wait I just remembered, something interesting did happen at the mall! I was walking around on the third floor right before we got back to the car, when this random dude at this stand goes: Those are some really cool pants. Yeah, that happens sometimes; it makes me feel kind of cool (kind of)... :] Yeah, I am DEAD tired and I must pack... Kelly out! <3 SO what did you think? Do you have any exciting school or work plans coming up? Are you also a fan of leggings (and the color green)? Comment below and let me know!


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  2. Amazing leggings! Love the sports-luxe styling too :)

    Helen at Never Quite Elegant xx

  3. Very cool photos ! I love it,followed. xo

  4. Awesome look! Those leggings are totally amazing!


  5. love the leggins and the style of photos, it's a pleasure to visit your blog, love the rock style of your friend too,

  6. Definitely not something I'd wear but it looks amazing on you! and thanks for your comment on my blog :) :)

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  8. I love your leggins! :-)

  9. it´s perfect and nice.

  10. Nice outfit! I love the pants :)

  11. Yeah totally love green and leggins. Yours are really cool. I agree with the guy.
    I know you asked that on your other post but I love Instagram!!! We have one too :D


  12. Thats great
    i love your legging

  13. Love those leggings, they remind me of the nervous system! Gorgous blog, follwing you back! Thanks for your lovely comment!
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  14. Maybe you can try some special skills like Photoshop and make the pics looks green than original, so you can have that feeling!

  15. These are great photos. Your leggings are very cool!
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  16. Fun photos and leggings, Kelly!

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  19. Amazing outfits! I like it!
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  20. omg cool photo's .. i love your legging

  21. beauty ! ;)
    i love your legging.

  22. These pics awesome, very dramatic and stuff :p cute xx

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