Shoe-stravaganza (A Summer Shoe Haul)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I planted that rose bush when it was a wee stalk! And look at how well it's doing now, I'm SO proud!

We certainly have a lot of pine trees up here, it's all fine and dandy until they shed...

I couldn't help but take a picture of this awesome flower from the garden below, I think it's a chrysanthemum, my birth flower... :]
No shoes were harmed in the making of this post...
Red 1914 Doc Martens - eBay $95 including shipping (Retail $140) Purchase them here
Pewter Doc Martens - eBay $45 including shipping (Retail $130) Purchase them here
Grey Jeffrey Campbell Mary Roks $65 including shipping (Retail $125) Purchase them here

Long time no post, lovelies! Well, today I decided to do something a little different and do a haul. I have been meaning to do one for ages; I didn't want the haul to be TOO boring so I tried to think outside of the box a little bit with the shoot. So, I purchased all three of these shoes this summer via eBay. (I now realize that I did not actually buy any summer shoes, unless you count the Mary Roks.) I was surfing around eBay (as I often do) and I found this red pair of docs that I had seen on Karen Blanchard and fell in love with. They were a decent price and I couldn't just NOT buy them, so I took the plunge and bought my first pair. I am currently hooked and I have about four more pairs that I feel like I need to buy. (I might do a doc martens post :) The JCs were once again found when I was looking at shoes on eBay. I wear wedges the most next to boots and a grey pair is good to have because I own so many black pairs of shoes. The silver docs are one of my favorite purchases this summer and it was a miracle that I scored them for such a great price. I saw them on eBay but, I convinced myself I didn't need them and I had already bought enough shoes for the summer. Then the price went from $100 to $75 and I was like: Be strong Kelly, you can do it! Then the price kept going back up and dropping until one day it dropped to $55 and I started to lose my resolve. There was a make an offer option and I made a $45 offer and I got them! They catch the light in a beautiful way and are such an eye-grabbing and unexpected pair of shoes. I am especially glad that I got them because apparently silver shoes are back in and better than ever! (I would have gotten them either way.) But I do need some summer shoes and believe me, I intend to remedy that! Before I go,I would just like to thank every single person who looked at my page, my posts, decided to follow my blog, leave a comment, or even just look at the title of my blog. I really REALLY appreciate it. I wanted to start a blog for over a year and I finally did and now I feel like I made the right choice, so thank you <3 What did you think of this post? What are your favorite summer shoes? And do you too have a problem with eBay that you should get checked out? Comment below and let me know! :] Now that this post is complete, I will pass out for the next 8 hours (or more)!


  1. the shoes are amazing !
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  3. wow!!! that looks really cool!

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  6. I love silver shoes and have two pairs. I haven´t been on ebay for a long time but I never had any trouble :D


  7. Love these shoes, especially the silver pair..! Great blog, I'm following!

  8. Those pewter Doc Martens are just amazing. I want a pair! Your flowers are beautiful too :)
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  11. great post!

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  13. Amazing shoes i love it!

  14. Awesome haul! I love shoes so this post was right up my alley :)

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  15. Genial el calzado, me encanta, ahora a usarlo...
    Besos, Germán.

  16. ohh that metallic docs are stunning!
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  20. Such great looking shoes collection!! Want Dr. Martin now :) xo akiko
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