In The Clouds

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pillow Cases - Cafe Press, Duvet Cover- Cafe Press

Yes, this is my bedspread! I am obsessed with it and I just had to share it. I had wanted a cloud duvet and pillows set ever since I saw them on Urban Outfitters a while ago. Unfortunately, it sold out, but I vowed that I would get one somehow. I found these on Cafe Press and I was a little skeptical, but I waited until they had the best discount I could find and I bought them. I love them. They are WAY more realistic looking clouds than the Urban Outfitters set and so much more vibrant. The only negative was that they did not come in a set, so I did a lot of hunting around to find what I thought were the perfect ones. They were also a little pricey, but with the discount codes and considering the price a duvet cover on Urban Outfitters with the pillow shams, it's about the same. I got a queen-sized duvet cover so that when I am not in the dorm, it will still fit the comforter on my bed at home as well. I think this was well worth it, so I'm glad I finally bought it. I think I may even get more home decor items from their site, too, and maybe even more sheets. I will admit is really awesome to wake up with a lovely cloud backdrop every morning; sometimes I don't want ever to leave!

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