Life In Black And White

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Acid Wash Jacket - Levi's via eBay (Similar), Crop Top - Asos, High-waisted Striped Jeans - Motel Rocks via eBay, Red Doc Martens via eBay, Cross necklace - Diy (Similar)

Howdy! I cannot believe haven´t posted in so long! Let´s just say I haven´t been inspired lately. But it was actually my mom (yeah I said it!) who helped me come up with a title for this blog post, so thank you madre! I am finally all done with school for the semester, so I will be posting more often and instagraming a lot more too. I can't wait for the weather to finally warm up (and for this weekend to be over), but even if it doesn't, I still have big plans for this summer. I need to finally get my butt out of Connecticut. I can't wait to see everyone: new friends and especially the old. And I really am going to make these months count and make a much needed change. Anyway, I finally did a day in the life post! That day me and Andrew went to Chang's Garden. We wanted to try something different and I am glad we did. "It's authentic Chinese food" as quoted by Andrew. :] The soup was great and according to Andrew the duck was good, too. I have to say I am now addicted to green tea frappucinos. So, this outfit is one that I have been dying to post. For me the easiest way to way to wear a crop top without feeling too exposed is with high waisted jeans. And take my word for it, some crop tops do not look good oversized. I tried that with this one and it was way too big--luckily it looks like it's intentional. These jeans are a pair that I have been dying for. They go with everything and I love them. I got them for $60 including shipping and they retail for about $90, so I'd say pretty good save. And then I am just wearing one of my red docs. I think I need to get a new pair soon! My dorm decor post will most likely be up this week! Finally! I love being on vacation because I can post a lot more regularly! I hope you are enjoying the weather and your break--if you're on one--if you're not, you will be soon! Kelly out--I have some tofu grilling to supervise!


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  2. Well, life in black and white is not that bad. Love your outfit girl.
    Best Regards
    Miss Margaret Cruzemark

  3. Excelente las fotos y tu look genial!
    Besos, Germán

  4. amazing outfit! love the shoes
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  5. Doll, you are stunning!

  6. wow, great images, love your hair!!!!

  7. I love cut off top and stripes on your leggs - fab hairstyle

  8. i love your blog! You look awesome!

  9. Amazing pictures, dear! Love your outfit!

  10. You're so cute, I mean it! :)

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  11. Amazing pics!!
    I love that pants and top<3

  12. I love the outfit! You are workin it! ;)

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  13. Such a stylish black and white look.

  14. YUM! the food looks great and so does your outfit!

  15. I love your style, u are awesome

  16. you so unique!

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  17. You are great! Interesting post :)

  18. You are great! Interesting post :)

  19. Lovely pictures!! I love your outfit!
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  20. Your style is so so cute, love those jeans and the food looks really yummy!

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  22. Those pants are really awesome Kells! I know they're also your faves! Woot! :)

    I actually love the photos are colored. Makes me drool more for these foodies! :)

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  23. I totally love your style! Thanks again for your sweet comments! I love to read them!!! Love, Kyra

  24. Stunning pictures! Your hairstyle is awesome and I love your outfit! The denim jacket and your striped pants are my favorits:)

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  25. omg the food looks so Yummy !!

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  26. Cool look!!!
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  27. Everything looks so delicious! And your Dr. Martens are awesome!


  28. Awesome !!! You had a great pictures <3

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  29. fabulous style as usual. thanks for your lovwly comment on my blog,
    I love your boots, GREAT!

    and nice pics too.

  30. Ahh thanks for your comment on my blog by the way. How funny that we literally ate the same thing on the same day. Small world ;)

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  35. Love the stripes in the outfit :) You look great !!

    New Post up...