Thursday, November 08, 2012

Black Ribs Swimsuit/Bodysuit (kind of) - Blackmilk, Denim Button Down - eBay (Similar), Shredded tights - DIY, Snapback Hat - DIY, eBay (Doc Martens), Cross necklace - Diy (Similar)

Hola lovelies! Happy (very belated) Halloween! I hope you all had an awesome Halloween/Halloweekend! Sorry for the lack of posts! I was working and pretty much missed everything. Not as many people were feeling the Halloween spirit on Wednesday, but I think I had enough for everyone! (Except for you know, the couple of girls in orange and black tutus that I saw...) Well with the hurricane and whatnot and Halloween was actually cancelled until next Wednesday--but not at college it wasn't! For those of you in the US, I hope you were very minimally impacted, or not at all affected by the storm. And I wish you the best! Life has been a bit crazy lately, I think I am pretty much just working and going to class and not much else. I think I might have to force myself to have fun soon! (Like this weekend maybe.) My social life may sometimes suffer, but my style never will! I think I might do a post of all the outfit I wear for an entire week. Just because I'm in college does not mean I will ever wear sweatpants! So  for the record, I did not wear this outfit for the entire day, even though I really wanted to. Because of hurricane Sandy, my mail was delayed! I didn't think it would get there in time for Halloween, but it did! It came that same day and I was so excited! (I have to do a Blackmilk collection/styling post.) I love this suit, it was LONG overdue for me to get it and I know it's something I will definitely wear year round so I splurged a little and got it. And I am in love! I knew I had to wear tights or risk freezing and I thought the ripped tights would go well with this look. And I knew I would have a lot of walking to do, so I went with my silver docs, which I think go with almost everything I wear. And of course I just had to wear this hat; I just love how it pulled the look together. I did get asked if I was a demon like 3 times. The thing is: I would probably wear something like this even if it wasn't Halloween, I just have an excuse for once instead I just felt like it. :] So what do you think? What were you for Halloween? If you didn't dress up, what would you have liked to be? Comment below (or leave a picture/link to your blog) and let me know!


  1. Nice of you to post again dear! :) Great halloween styling!
    Social life suffering comes at a point or another lah~
    Don't worry! We're still here.


  2. wow your legs are just super cool and awww i see you are a black milk addicted too :) <3

    want to follow each other? i will defiently follow back

    my blog:

  3. Genial Style!
    Besos, Germán.


  4. your outfit's so cool, love it!
    and the black pumpkin's AMAZING, haha! xx


  5. Very cool outfit love it! Following you!

  6. I love the look!
    thanks for your email dear!!

  7. that blackmilks swimsuit is nice. i've seen it on their page :) and the star wars theme's also nice ;p


  8. the answer to your comment

    Sequins are great for me!
    I love simple dresses, blouses, skirts!
    try to find something for yourself, and you'll feel great and look like ♥
    ps.tandetny sequin - not for me

  9. Great outfit and cool title as well ;)



  10. Those tights are so insane; don't think I'd ever have the courage to wear them out but girl, you rock 'em!


  11. You have stunning shapes!!!!
    Maybe follow each other? let me know dear:) xoxo
    have a good week! :)

  12. omg I can't be more jealous!
    You have the bodysuit that I want so much! hahah I'm following you now, I've just seen that you have a lot of super cool clothes!


  13. That.. outfit.. is.. amazing.. WOW! work it girl! ^_^
    will subscribe immediately!
    thesuckerforfashion.blogspot.com xx